Rules for Hackathon

Web Development Hackathon - 1st November 2015 @ MJCET,Hyderabad
Wanna show your talent?
Build something extra ordinary and take away the cash prize?
You are at the right place. Register for the hackathon. The whole event is FREE. We are not going to charge you for anything. All you have to do is follow the rules, have to zeal to win and show your talent to participate and win the hackathon. The prizes are
  • Winner : ₹4000
  • Runner Up : ₹3000
  • Second Runner Up : ₹2000

  • In order to register for the hackathon, you need to do the following things
    1. First fill up the form on this page
    2. Download the Smart Loyal app,
              Android      iOS
      you need to signup with the same email id used in the form in order to complete the registration.
    3. NOTE : All the team members have to download the app, as this is the only fee which you are paying to us.
    4. If you have downloaded the app and registered you registration is confirmed and your team shall be evaluated based upon the responses filled up by you in the form.
    5. You need to register yourself before 30th October, 2015, 19:00 hrs, as no registrations willbe accepted after that time.
    6. If your team is shortlisted you will receive an email on 30th October 2015, around 22:30 hrs stating that you have been shortlisted for the hackathon and only the invited shall be competing.
    7. The decision of a team being finalised is decided by a panel which will review your responses.
    8. If the team is shortlisted and is not available at the time of hackathon, the team shall be disqulaified and shall not receive any participation certificate.
    For more details please feel free to Contact us.